Enter with   22 kHz, 5 bit
11 kHz, 3 bit
5 kHz, 2 bit
  841 Kb
268 Kb
91 Kb

You will need Shockwave for Director and Shockwave Flash.
Both can be downloaded for free at Macromedia.

This program was made by Michaël Samyn in May 1998.
It was directly inspired by I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker and "a means of mutation", a text about it by Matthew Fuller, posted on the Nettime mailing list. It takes an HTML file and renders it as audible instead of visible information.

How to use The Web Singer:
  1. Enter by choosing a sound quality
  2. Wait for the sound and input movies to load
  3. Type an absolute URL in the green input box
  4. Click the 'Sing!' button
  5. The Web Singer will load the page and start singing
  6. If The Web Singer finds a hyperlink then it will follow it automatically after the page is sung
  7. Click 'Stop!' to try another URL
  8. Click 'The Web Singer' beneath the Zuper! logo in the upper right hand corner to re-enter with another sound quality