The Zupergraphyx! Javascript HTML editor is designed to help people who already know some HTML set up pages quickly and easily.
It is meant to be used off line. The editor itself can reside on a network but the files you use should be on (one of) your hard disk(s).
You need a monitor resolution of at least 1024x768.
Please send comments, ideas and bug reports to Michaël.

Some of its features are:
  • Portability (it runs wherever Netscape 3.0 runs)
  • Flexibility (the source files can be easily adapted to a users preferences)
  • Automically generates correct relative links
    (as long as the files you use are on the same harddisk)
  • Automatically adds the correct width and height to image tags
  • Pick background and text colours by clicking on the Netscape colour table
  • Save and load the style of a document, so you can use the same
    items on another page simply by clicking them.
  • Generates clear and readable code (easily adaptable by user)
  • Puts date in header
  • Search & replace function
  • Automatically converts special characters to HTML codes
  • Uppercase to lowercase (and vice versa) conversion utility
  • Preview your work quickly and correctly in Netscape itself
      Future implementations (ideas for these are very welcome)
  • Immediate saving of documents without helper application
    (Actually solved in Netscape 3 by just choosing the File/Save as... menu.)
  • Multiple document interface
  • Importing of HTML code not saved by the editor
  • Uploading to server
  • Normal text insertion: at place of cursor or replacing selection

The Zupergraphyx! Javascript HTML editor is not freeware. It's not even shareware. It is and remains the property of Michaël Samyn and can not be distributed in any way without his explicit permission.