non-Netscape 2 browsers: shoot in the dark!
Welcome to the Zupergraphyx! site. This is a launching platform from which you can take off to various Zupergraphyx! works on the Web. The interface of this site has been designed for Netscape 2. You can use Netscape 1.1 too, though. A high resolution (1024x768 is ideal) will render this design best, but there is a submode for low resolution monitors.

Each part of the pig refers to a specific Zupergraphyx! work. Click on!

Zupergraphyx! specializes in World Wide Web interface design. The combination of a traditional training, excessive talent and computing expertise justify the use of the word 'Zuper' in front of 'Graphyx!'. Even to the point where it's plausible to claim: If it's not Zuper it's not Graphyx!

For those in a hurry: the Zupergraphyx! fast links!