PING is a Belgian Internet access provider. They gave me a free account in exchange for me designing their homepage. Somehow they never agree with what I designed, so I'm still working on it. Designing a new homepage for PING has become some kind of hobby.

Anyway, I think I've made some stuff that might have been nice when finnished.

(Please don't click the links in these drafts. They don't work.)

The first one I did was a bit over the edge, I agree. (Yes that's where I dug up these vichy-patterns)

The second was based on game design. Since the main criticism on the first was that it was too difficult for PING users I thought I'd take a layout that every computer geek knows. That of the option menu screens in computer games.
I even made a design for the text pages that were to follow this one.

Wrong move. This time it was too heavy. I was to design something less disturbing, maybe a little 'high tech'.

I just knew this one was not what they wanted, but I liked it so much...
(The bearded guy in the tv picture is PING's boss, Luc van Braekel)

No, they wanted something calmer, simple, "like the sun setting at the sea"...

Calm... simple... Not exactly my kind of kick... Anyway, I tried this. Yes, I know, it almost looks like PING's current homepage.

There's still a long way to go...