I was already working on version 2 of the ISDM site when ISDM and I broke up. I never finished it but the basic material for it can been seen here.

(Don't click on the links in the draft. Use the links on this page instead.)

Here's some stuff I would have used for the homepage. Don't start looking for a layout. There is none.

The atmosphere I wanted this interface to have was that of a deserted hospital. Ultra-clean but creepy: all machines still working, but all the people gone. We were planning to use Real Audio to enhance the effect.

Hyperphernalia is the place where ISDM presented web art and projects. This design was meant to be a bit chaotic but Netscape 2 makes a real mess of it by refusing to overlap images. It looks a lot better with Netscape 1.1! (The text was written by Jan Depauw)

With this design I wanted to make pages where you can constantly discover new things when scrolling through them. You should be unsure whether you had seen everything. That's why they're bigger than your screen.

Gateways was where ISDM tried to lure customers for their services. I designed a logo for each service. Again things look best with Netscape 1.1.