You are at the third Zupergraphyx! home site. But now it's Memorablia time!

Take a drive down Memory Lane and check out the first Zupergraphyx! homepage.
Since I am a trained paper and print designer I enjoyed confronting digital and analog in this page. I had a hell of a time of making such a mess with a code -HTML- that almost always makes everything look smooth and clean.
Note that Netscape 1.1 shows the pig logo through the black stripes. And that images don't overlap properly with Netscape2.

(don't click on the links, they don't work anymore)

And a little later, when summer was in the air, I made this one.
Note that with Netscape 1.1 the flowers overlap the Zupergraphyx! pig logo, the letters have different colours and some of the flowers are blinking!
Netscape 2 can't do those tricks.

Then came the Windows95 hype and I decided that clouds were no longer a politically correct background pattern.

The first Zupergraphyx! homepage was in The Fridge on May 22nd, 1995.