Group Z, Belgium is a collective of eleven artists who have started working together in 1993. Most of their current work is digital and some of it is put on line by Zupergraphyx!
They believe the World Wide Web is a medium that can be used for artistic creation, not just for reproduction and merchandising of art.

Their first WWW work was "Home". It was first put on line at ISDM's Hyperphernalia in May 1995. The second was "Virgin/Sucker" (Hyperphernalia, June 1995).
Both use Netscape 1.1 exclusive bugs/features.

In July 1995 Group Z, Belgium moved to adaweb, New York, probably the most interesting art site on the Web.

It's december and "LOVE", their third HTML work, is just finished. The interface of "LOVE" was made especially for Netscape 2, as it uses Frames and Javascript (which caused the publication delay, sorry).

Group Z, Belgium was in The Fridge on May 1st, 1995.
Group Z, Belgium was in What's Up #13, June 1995.
Group Z, Belgium was in Wave Magazine, July/August 1995.