Futplex is a text editor for multiple on line users. It consists of server scripts and html code. So you only need a web browser to use it.
That, and a login-id and password...

DDS (the Digital City of Amsterdam) and the Netherlands Design Institute asked me to design an interface that made the program attractive and user friendly.

There is one version of Futplex, designed by Zupergraphyx! and based on Futplex 4.0, up and running at DDS. To really evaluate the interface you need to actually use Futplex. Since you have to be registered as a user of the system to do this you will have to make do with a simulation: you can take a look at the interactive demo I made.

The second Futplex interface was made for the third 'Doors of Perception' conference of the Netherlands Design Institute at Amsterdam, more specifically for its 'Doors On Matter Environment' on the WWW: DOME.
It was and can still be used by the people that took part in the workshops during this conference.
This version however has a place devoted to public discussion about the conference. You do not need to be a workshop participant to contribute to it, so it will allow you to evaluate the interface I designed.
Just click here and then "enter the discussion as GUEST".

Futplex is free software. For more information about using it, take a look at the Futplex homepage or mail Koen Holtman.