FFF is one of the Web's most experimental sites. It's a collaboration between Jef and Gael Morlan in Anacortes, USA and Veerle Meeussen and myself in Ronse, Belgium. As a result the site is global, one part being physically located on the PING server in Belgium, the other on sos.net on the West Coast of the USA. Jef/Gael and Veerle/I have never met physically: FFF is the living proof of the artistic and social potential of the Internet.

When it started in August 1995 FFF was updated about twice a day. New pages are still constantly being added and older pages constantly changed. Lately a new interface has been added to facilitate navigating through the most chaotic of Web sites.

FFF will continue to evolve. Other contributors might join in. Other paths can be taken. We call it global chaos art.

You should really take your time and explore each and every clickable item in FFF. You never know what you will run into next.

FFF was in The Fridge on August 14th, 1995.
FFF was the Web Seeress Vision of August 18th, 1995.
FFF was Funky Site of the Day on Friday the 13th, October 1995.