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The Church of the Multiple Body Tag
is a tribute to the capability of Netscape 1.1 to handle multiple body tags in HTML 3. It was made for the on line version of the "Religion" issue of Mediamatic.

It is illegal to define the body tag twice, but when you do you can have titles scrolling, colored fonts and animation effects with background colours and patterns. Since Netscape 1.2 this isn't possible anymore.

I agree that Netscape 2 offers a whole lot to compensate for this loss.
But what about backward compatibility??
The multiple body tag is one of those bugs that had better remained a feature.
(Another interesting bug/feature in Netscape 1.1 is the possibility to define cells in tables that are smaller than the image they contain. That way you can make images (and even text) overlap!)

You will have to start up dear old Netscape 1.1 to experience The Church of the Multiple Body Tag. The URL is:!/Church
Interactive or what!?