Initial impetus to the research on the presence of applied arts in Flanders


D. In Collaboration with the World Crafts Council-Flanders
This association was founded in 1980 in Antwerp. From the very start, the Artistic Crafts Department and WCC Flanders have worked together closely.
World Crafts Council - Flanders promotes Flemish artists abroad and informs the Flemish public about international applied arts. The following activities have been organised in this framework:
1986 "EC, Crafts Exhibition", in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.
1986 "First Crafts Biennial, Bratislava", Slovakia.
1987 Mediators in presenting the "Functional Glamour" exhibition containing 400 pieces of American ceramics at the Museum for Decorative Arts in Ghent, Gallery Desko in Kortemark and at the Cultural Centre "Le Chataigneraie" in Flémalle.
1988 "Hedendaagse juweelkunst in België" (Contemporary Jewellery in Belgium), at the Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal, from the 14th of April till the 14th of May 1988 and at the Casa de Serralves, Porto, August 1988. Twenty-two Belgian jewellery designers participated in this event. "25 x junger Schmuck International, Hals Arm Ohr" (25 x young international jewellery designers: neck, arm, ear), jewellery exhibition in Berlin. Eight Flemish jewellery designers participated in this event which trašvelled to: Gallery Kunsthandwerk Berlin (20/10-25/11/87), Forum Handwerk Mainz (4/2-4/3/88, Gallery Goldader Hamburg (27/4-28/5/88)
1988 "Europaïsche Kunsthandwerk" (European Artistic Craft Products), Stuttgart, September 1988.
1989 "Contemporary Jewellery in Belgium", PMMK Ostend, (24/02-29/05/89).

Other activities in the framework of the WCC:
Co-organiser of the European Congress of the WCC in Flanders, 1989 the bi-annual European Conference of the WCC in Flanders in 1989, 10 workshops, 30 exhibitions and a three-day colloquium.
Co-organiser of the following series of speeches:
1984 "De dagen van de keramiek" (The ceramics days): 4 days with international and Flemish ceramists who spoke about their work.
1985 "De dagen van het glas" (The glass art days): 3 days with international and Flemish glass artists.
1986 "De eigen zin van het kunstambacht" (Artistic Crafts: their own justification): 4 days with international and Flemish artists from diverse disciplines.
1987 "Functional Glamour": 8 American ceramists who talked for two days about their work.
WCC Flanders always had an informal role as interlocutors with the Ministry of Culture of the Flemish Community working in matters of Flemish Applied Art. Since the state reform of 1990, they had to address the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and since July 1991 the VIZO have taken on the task.