Initial impetus to the research on the presence of applied arts in Flanders


B. Publications in the framework of the VIZO
Magazine "Kwintessens"
In 1992, we started with the publication of a new magazine on applied arts in Flanders. It was named "Kwintessens" after the fifth almost undefinable element which alchemists added to earth, water, fire and air. It stands for 'the most beautiful, the essence of things'. It penetrates everything. We have been publishing for three years (1992, 1993, 1994). The magazine is thematic in concept. The following themes have been dealt with. The first year of publication consisted of a survey of the content of applied arts in four Flemish provinces. The first edition of the 2nd year of publication dealt with the fifth province, and was followed by three issues on the theme "Fairy- tale and Artistic Craft" in which the fairy-tale-like relationship between art and a number of materials such as wood (furniture), textile, silver were examined. In the third year of publication (1994) we continued to explore the theme of the fairy-tale in relation to glass and ceramics (Studio Glass). We also introduced a new theme however, which studied the position of contemporary applied arts in relation to the other arts and its social background. In 1994, the last two issues examined the applied arts in the context of theatre and in the framework of high technology. In 1995, we have continued this research on contemporary applied arts in architecture and its relationship with the environment. The magazine appears every three months, each time in collabo- ration with another designer and works with independent writers.

1992 "Triennale van Milaan" (Milan Triennale).
1992 "Le vitrail Flamand" (Flemish Stained-glass Windows).
1993 "Op zoek naar een schoon servies" (In Search of a fine Dinner Service).
1993 "Een schitterend feest" (A sparkling party).
1994 "Le plat pays. Mobilier contemporain de Flandre" (The Low Lands. Contemporary furniture from Flanders).
1994 "Prijzen Henry van de Velde' 1994" (Henry van de Velde Prizes 1994)