Initial impetus to the research on the presence of applied arts in Flanders

Since September 1993, the Artistic Crafts Department has been taking the first steps towards the systematic classification of documents related to the creation and distribution of artistic craft and design products and training courses, symposiums and competitions in this field. This archive mainly consists of material received since 1980, but the sixties and seventies are also present. Moreover, there is a remarkable emphasis on the folkloric aspect of applied art.

The current state of affairs enables us to present a first survey of the applied art in Flanders, more particularly of ceramics, jewellery and silversmithery, textile, glass and furniture by Flemish and international artists since 1980. Free graphics, photography and sculptural ceramics have not been taken into consideration because these branches are closely related to the free arts. Here, we will give a general outline of our research and the numerous paths opened by the multitude of materials. The main official initiatives in this field are the activities of the Creative Crafts Department (ESIM), since 1991 known as the Artistic Crafts Department (VIZO), the mainly museological activities of the Museum for Decorative Arts (Ghent) and those of the Provincial departments for Artistic Crafts. WCC Flanders has worked closely with these and other bodies. Moreover, since 1990 a commercial circuit has been developed which first gained momentum in the eighties.


The Creative Crafts Department of the ESIM (Economic and Social Institute for the Self-Employed), which was regionalized in 1991, is now part of the VIZO (Flemish Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises) and known as the Artistic Crafts Department, has always been very active in the field of promoting contemporary artistic crafts.
It organises large and small exhibitions, participates in interior design fairs, holds talks, symposiums and colloquiums (sometimes in collaboration with the World Crafts Council- Flanders) and publishes the magazines 'Belgisch Kreatief Ambacht' (Belgian Creative Crafts - 1979-1990) and Kwintessens (Kwintessens - since 1991).

A. Exhibitions
1. Sales Exhibitions
The advertising was run by business-minded civil servants, which resulted in the main activities being limited to several sales exhibitions in the Woluwe Shopping Centre Brussels (1975-1977); Food Fair Brussels (1979-1980), Europacado, Brussels (1980); Building and Living today, Bruges (1980).

2. One-off art-history exhibitions
Gradually, we have created space for exhibitions in which we were initially careful and later more explicit in opting for innovative trends within contemporary applied arts. Besides a number of smaller exhibitions, which we do not think worth mentioning here, we have also organised and composed the following exciting events:
1978 "Hedendaags Kant" (Contemporary Lace), University Centre Limburg, Diepenbeek: an image of contemporary expressions in lace which made use of all techniques available.
1979 "Glas en kunst" (Glass and Art), University Centre Limburg, Diepenbeek: a collection of stained-glass windows from the most interesting contemporary works- hops for stained-glass windows at that time.
1979 "Grafiek in de Benelux" (Graphics in the Benelux), National Theatre, Brussels and the EBES gallery, Antwerp: printing.
1980 "Metaal & Kunst" (Metal and Art), at the reception hall of the Bekaert company and in a park in Zwevegem,
1980 The first jewellery exhibition showing the work of a new generation of silver and goldsmiths, presented alongside the work of famous sculptors. The title refers to the exhibition's theme, i.e. 'metal' in art.
1980 "Materies & kunst, Kunstambacht '80 ?" (Materials and Art, Artistic Craft '80 ?), City halls, St. Niklaas: retrospective exhibition on contemporary artistic craft in our country. This was the first attempt to retrace its more recent history.
1981 "Grafische boek-ver-beelding" (Graphic Imaginings in Books), at the University Centre Limburg, Diepenbeek; CC Strombeek Bever; HIGRO, Ghent and the City Library, Antwerp: a travelling exhibition on book design in which one could see work by our most interesting typographers.
1982 "Hedendaagse juwelen, meubelen en tapijten" (Contemporary Jewellery, Furniture and Carpets), Design Centre Brussels: an exhibition with craft design 'avant la lettre'.
1982 "Hedendaagse fotografie in West- en Oost- Vlaanderen" (Contemporary Photography in West and East Flanders), travelling exhibition, CC De Schakel Waregem, CC Heusden Zolder: Contemporary photography by West and East Flemish artists.
1983 "Ambacht, traditie en creatie, een nieuwe toekomst" (Crafts, Tradition and Creation: a new future), Militia Hall, Town Hall Brussels, Ogival Hall, Town Hall Brussels under the High Protection of Our Royal Highnesses, the Princes of Liège: a retrospective exhibition on contemporary applied arts in Belgium.
1984 "Hedendaagse fotografie in West- en Oost- Vlaanderen" (Contemporary photography in West and East Flanders), travelling exhibition, Museum of Deinze and the Leie region, Deinze; CC De Schakel, Waregem; Casino, Middelkerke; Town hall, Poperinge: a selection of works by young photographers from both provinces.
1984 "Textiel en Keramiek in het Belfort" (Textile and Ceramics in the Belfry), Town hall, Aalst. In this exhibition we mainly focused on functional work, both in the field of textiles and ceramics.
1984 "Vehta Biennale", Romanesque Church, Vichte: Interna- tional exhibition on the pictorial aspect of textile art, including a section on functional textiles desig- ned by young painters.
1985 "Attitudes. Jewellery from Britain, Schmuck aus Deutschland, sieraden uit Nederland, juwelen uit Vlaanderen", ICC Antwerp and Museum for Decorative Arts Ghent: International exhibition on innovations in jewellery which was meant to travel around Europe, its final destination being the PMMK in Ostend. But the exhibition was destroyed during a freight accident at Bonn station (D). The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue which contained the beginnings of a survey on the recent art history of silver and gold smithery in Belgium and Flanders. It was the first exhibition held in Belgium since 1969 in which the work of the most internationally renowned jewellery designers was presented.
1986 "Sieraad 86. Draagteken" (Jewel 86. Portants), Museum for Contemporary Art 'Het Kruithuis', 's Herto- genbosch (NL): we were invited to select and arrange the section on Belgian (Flemish) contemporary jewellery. This invitation was a direct consequence of the fact that 'Attitudes' which had taken place the year before, attracted Europe's attention to the existence of a new generation of silver and gold smiths in Flanders.
1986 "Gloed en Glas" (Glow and Glass), ASLK Gallery, Brus- sels: ASLK asked us to conceive and organise this exhibition. It was both an evocation and an important historical survey of glass art in our country from the early Middle-Ages till then. Specialists were invited to shed a critical light on the different historical periods involved. We ourselves commented on the period after 1965.
1986 "Juweelkunst in België" (Jewellery in Belgium), Museum for Decorative Arts, Ghent. The first art- historical retrospective sketching the main develop- ments in silver and gold smithery and more particularly in jewellery in Belgium after WW II. This exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue which contained a more complete study of the subject along with an extensive bibliography.
1987 "Jonge Vlaamse Glazeniers" (Young Flemish Stained- Glass Artists), BBL, Kortrijk. This smaller exhibition was a follow-up to 'Gloed in Glas' (see above), and emphasized the work of some younger stained-glass artists who had not been selected for the previous exhibition.
1987 "Made in Belgium", Brussels, Heizel. See below under 'Mass events'.
1988 "Joahlharia contemporanea Belga", Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenken, Lisbon, Portugal. This was a very refined selection of work by contemporary Belgian silver and goldsmiths.
1988 "Kunstambacht in Vlaanderen leeft" (Artistic Craft is alive in Flanders), Ghent, Floraliënpaleis. See below under (Mass events).
1989 "Kunstambacht als Laboratorium" (Artistic Craft as a Laboratory), Brabant Artistic Crafts Hall, Brussels. This exhibition was a quest for the roots of contempo- rary applied arts. It was organised by us for the '5th Biannual European Congress' of the World Crafts Council (WCC) in collaboration with ESIM and WCC Flanders. It illustrated the idea that artistic crafts have laid the foundations of all design; a basic approach which we encounter in the WEIMAR-BAUHAUS. The exhibition functioned as a starting point for a discussion on the phenomenon of 'contemporary artistic craft'.
1989 "Hedendaagse Juweelkunst in België" (Contemporary Jewellery in Belgium), PMMK, Ostend. The exhibition held at the Gulbenkian was used as a basis here. Additional works from each artists were added.
1989 "Giampaolo Babetto, juweelontwerper" (Gianpaolo Babetto, Jewellery Designer) PMMK, Ostend. We organised this exhibition at the request of the PMMK, showing one of the most important representatives of Italian contemporary silversmithery from the Padua region.
1990 "Hedendaags kunstambacht" (Contemporary Artistic Craft), Palais des Papes, Avignon (F) in collaboration with the DG XXIII (SME) of the European Commission. This was a small exhibition in which we showed the difference between ordinary and artistic craft work.
1990 "Hedendaagse juwelen" (Contemporary Jewellery), Luxemburg, in collaboration with the Benelux Economical Union. Every two years, the "Artistic Craft" work group of the Benelux Economic Union organise an event on applied arts in the three countries. This exhibition is one of them.
1990 "TReASHure IsLAND", Museum for Decorative Arts, Ghent. For this exhibition we re-displayed the stand of the same name with which we participated in the international design fair Interieur 90.
1990/1992 "Hedendaagse juwelen" (Contemporary Jewellery), Museum for Decorative Arts, Ghent. A repeat of the Benelux exhibition of the previous year.

3. Periodically recurring exhibitions.
We have organised a number of exhibitions over the years presenting similar themes in the same space and under the same conditions.
"Hedendaagse juwelen" (Contemporary jewellery), CC Strombeek Bever, 1982, 1983. Work by the first genera- tion of silversmiths who graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp.
"Cyclus Jordaenshuis", Jordaenshuis Antwerp, 1981- 1987. Collective exhibitions of work by young Antwerp artists from all artistic craft disciplines.
"Cyclus Gaselwest", Kortrijk 1978-1987. Two or three collective exhibitions per year of graphic and photo- graphic work by young artists from East and West Flanders.

B. Participation in fairs
1981/1983/1985 Information stand at Linea.
1978/1982/1984/1988 Information stand at Interieur.
1990 In Interieur 90 with the "TreASHure IsLAND" stand containing work by twelve young Flemish designers
1992 In Interieur 92 with "Eco-design"
1994 In Interieur 94 with "A sparkling party".
1995 In Art Contact (Ghent) with information stand and works by young designers.

C. Publications
In the framework of the ESIM
1976 Contributions to "Scheppend Ambacht in de architectuur" (Creative Craft in Architecture).
1979/1990 "Belgisch Kreatief Ambacht" (Belgian Creative Craft) (1979/1990), bi-monthly.
1984 co-author of the book "Kunst & Kunst Maken" (Art and its Making).
1990 as advisors for the book "Ontwerpen een hele onderneming" (Designing: quite an enterprise), at the request of the Koning Boudewijnstichting.
1991 "Gids Kunst in Vlaanderen" (Guide to Art in Flanders): an article on the situation of artistic crafts in Flanders for Kluwer.
Catalogues of the exhibitions
1985 "Attitudes", "Juweelkunst in België" (Jewellery in Belgium), ICC, Antwerp.
1986 "Gloed in glas" (Glow in glass), ASLK, Brussels.
1986 "Vehtabiennale 1986-John Newton", ESIM, Brussels.
1987 "Jonge glazenierskunst in Vlaanderen" (Recent Glass Art in Flanders), ESIM, Brussels.
1988 "Joalharia Contemporanea Belga", Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.
1989 "Hedendaagse juwelen in België" (Contemporary Jewellery in Belgium), Mardaga, Liège.
1989 "Kunstambacht als laboratorium-Nouveaux objects visuels" (Artistic crafts as a Laboratory - New visual objects), ESIM, Brussels.
1989 "Giampaolo Babetto", PMMK, Ostend.

D. Competitions and selections
The Artistic Crafts Department is regularly asked to take a seat on the jury for the Provincial Prize for Artistic Crafts of the provinces East Flanders, West Flanders, Brabant and Antwerp; for the final juries of the Jewellery Department of the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp, of the department product development at the Van de Velde Institute in Antwerp; of St. Lucas Antwerp, department jewellery; Jewellery Design Department at the St. Niklaas Academy.
Since 1989, the Artistic Crafts Department has selected the Belgian delegation for the Schmuckzene München.

E. Introductions, speeches and colloquiums
Since 1980, the Artistic Crafts Department has been regularly invited to open exhibitions of work by artists from the sector.
1987 Speech on the position of contemporary artistic craft in Herk-De-Stad (by J. Valcke).
1990 Speech given in München for Exempla 90 and the congress which was held in the same context, Title: "Bauhaus as a pattern of thought for contemporary artistic craft".
1991 A series of lectures (6 hours), illustrated by visits to workshops for licentiate students of the Plastic Arts Department of the Higher Institute for History of the Arts and Archaeology, at the State University of Ghent (8th, 22nd of February 1991, 22nd of March 1991).

1975 The colloquium "Kunstambacht en de distributiekanalen" (Artistic Craft and the Channels of Distribution), Herbeumont.
1980 The colloquium "Kunstambacht 80?" (Artistic Craft 80 ?), at the Town Theatre in St. Niklaas.
1982 "Vernieuwing in het kunstambacht" (Innovation in Artistic Crafts), Kortrijk Hallen Interieur.
1985 "Kunst om van te leven" (Art to live from), Linea, Congress Centre, Ghent.

F. Television
1982 "Hedendaags kunstambacht" (Contemporary Artistic Crafts), two half-hour programmes for "Handel en Wandel" run by the Department for Adult Education. Selection of artists and advice on the sets during the takes.
1983 "Kunst en Kunst Maken" (Art and Its Making) of the Department for Adult Education. Two half-hour pro-grammes. Selection of artists and advice on screenplay and takes.

G. Mass events
1976 Organisation and coordination of events by 100 artists in "Palace 7" during s'Lands Feest on the occasion of the 25th Jubilee of King Boudewijn's Coronation (June 1976).
1987 Organisation and coordination of the artistic crafts stand at the "Made in Belgium" fair in which 193 Belgian artists participated (9th - 13th of December 1987).
1988 Organisation and coordination of the artistic crafts stand at the "Vlaanderen leeft" fair (Flanders is alive) in which 61 Flemish artists participated (21st of October - 3rd of November 1988).


A. As far as the activities of the Artistic Crafts Department of the VIZO are concerned, we kindly refer the reader to the annual report submitted to the Board of Directors of the VIZO for the years 1991, 1992, 1993.

B. Publications in the framework of the VIZO
Magazine "Kwintessens"
In 1992, we started with the publication of a new magazine on applied arts in Flanders. It was named "Kwintessens" after the fifth almost undefinable element which alchemists added to earth, water, fire and air. It stands for 'the most beautiful, the essence of things'. It penetrates everything. We have been publishing for three years (1992, 1993, 1994). The magazine is thematic in concept. The following themes have been dealt with. The first year of publication consisted of a survey of the content of applied arts in four Flemish provinces. The first edition of the 2nd year of publication dealt with the fifth province, and was followed by three issues on the theme "Fairy- tale and Artistic Craft" in which the fairy-tale-like relationship between art and a number of materials such as wood (furniture), textile, silver were examined. In the third year of publication (1994) we continued to explore the theme of the fairy-tale in relation to glass and ceramics (Studio Glass). We also introduced a new theme however, which studied the position of contemporary applied arts in relation to the other arts and its social background. In 1994, the last two issues examined the applied arts in the context of theatre and in the framework of high technology. In 1995, we have continued this research on contemporary applied arts in architecture and its relationship with the environment. The magazine appears every three months, each time in collabo- ration with another designer and works with independent writers.

1992 "Triennale van Milaan" (Milan Triennale).
1992 "Le vitrail Flamand" (Flemish Stained-glass Windows).
1993 "Op zoek naar een schoon servies" (In Search of a fine Dinner Service).
1993 "Een schitterend feest" (A sparkling party).
1994 "Le plat pays. Mobilier contemporain de Flandre" (The Low Lands. Contemporary furniture from Flanders).
1994 "Prijzen Henry van de Velde' 1994" (Henry van de Velde Prizes 1994)

C. Speeches

1993 A second series of speeches (4 hours) on contemporary artistic crafts in the framework of the "Current art issues" course for licentiate students. State University of Ghent, Ghent.

D. In Collaboration with the World Crafts Council-Flanders
This association was founded in 1980 in Antwerp. From the very start, the Artistic Crafts Department and WCC Flanders have worked together closely.
World Crafts Council - Flanders promotes Flemish artists abroad and informs the Flemish public about international applied arts. The following activities have been organised in this framework:
1986 "EC, Crafts Exhibition", in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.
1986 "First Crafts Biennial, Bratislava", Slovakia.
1987 Mediators in presenting the "Functional Glamour" exhibition containing 400 pieces of American ceramics at the Museum for Decorative Arts in Ghent, Gallery Desko in Kortemark and at the Cultural Centre "Le Chataigneraie" in Flémalle.
1988 "Hedendaagse juweelkunst in België" (Contemporary Jewellery in Belgium), at the Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal, from the 14th of April till the 14th of May 1988 and at the Casa de Serralves, Porto, August 1988. Twenty-two Belgian jewellery designers participated in this event. "25 x junger Schmuck International, Hals Arm Ohr" (25 x young international jewellery designers: neck, arm, ear), jewellery exhibition in Berlin. Eight Flemish jewellery designers participated in this event which trašvelled to: Gallery Kunsthandwerk Berlin (20/10-25/11/87), Forum Handwerk Mainz (4/2-4/3/88, Gallery Goldader Hamburg (27/4-28/5/88)
1988 "Europaïsche Kunsthandwerk" (European Artistic Craft Products), Stuttgart, September 1988.
1989 "Contemporary Jewellery in Belgium", PMMK Ostend, (24/02-29/05/89).

Other activities in the framework of the WCC:
Co-organiser of the European Congress of the WCC in Flanders, 1989 the bi-annual European Conference of the WCC in Flanders in 1989, 10 workshops, 30 exhibitions and a three-day colloquium.
Co-organiser of the following series of speeches:
1984 "De dagen van de keramiek" (The ceramics days): 4 days with international and Flemish ceramists who spoke about their work.
1985 "De dagen van het glas" (The glass art days): 3 days with international and Flemish glass artists.
1986 "De eigen zin van het kunstambacht" (Artistic Crafts: their own justification): 4 days with international and Flemish artists from diverse disciplines.
1987 "Functional Glamour": 8 American ceramists who talked for two days about their work.
WCC Flanders always had an informal role as interlocutors with the Ministry of Culture of the Flemish Community working in matters of Flemish Applied Art. Since the state reform of 1990, they had to address the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and since July 1991 the VIZO have taken on the task.


A number of institutions in Flanders have always paid particular attention to the applied arts. The Museum for Decorative Arts in Ghent is undoubtedly the most important one as far as exhibitions are concerned, which is why we are now giving a complete survey of the exhibitions held there.

The Museum for Applied Arts, Ghent:
Stained-glass windows by Armand Blondeel (13.12.80-10.02.80)
Furniture by Huib Hoste (08/03.80-27-05-'80)
25 years of furniture by Pieter De Bruyne (06.06.80-27.10.80)
Provincial Prize for Artistic Crafts 1980 (27.09.80-19.10.80)
European Illustration 80/81 (20.03.81-20.04.81)
Ceramics in Belgium 1945-60 (06.06.81-10.09.81)
Ceramics by Achiel Pauwels (16.10.81-16.01.82)
Ceramics and China from Belgium (19.03.82-02.05.82)
Contemporary Clay Sculptures form France 1982 (22.10.82-19.12.82)
Embroidery from China (15.01.83-13.02.83)
Glass by Bengt Heintze (16.02.83-24.04.83)
Albert Van Huffel (1877-1935) (15.07.83-09.10.83)
Shipibo-ceramics, Alvaro Siza and Mario Botta (10.11.83-11.12.83)
Furniture by Richard Beerman (21.04.84-02.06.84)
Geo Henderick (1879-1957) (13.07.84-30-06.84)
Provincial Prize for Artistic Crafts 1984 (10.11.84-02.12.84)
Siegfried De Buck: jewellery, and Frank Steyaert: Ceramics (14.12.84-10.03.85)
Attitudes (05.07.85-01.09.85)
Flanders Textiles (11.10.85-01.12.85)
Provincial Prize for Artistic Crafts 1985: stained-glass windows (26.10.85-01.12.85)
Danish design (07.02.86-07.03.86)
Piet Stockmans (14.03.86-04.05.86)
Tea and Coffee Piazza (15.05.86-15.06.86)
Jewellery in Belgium (27.06.86-15.10.86)
Furniture object art (21.10.86, 23.11.86)
Gentiana (Alchimia) (21.10.86-23.11.86)
Young Architects in Belgium (13.12.86-15.02.87)
Paul Hankar (28.02.87-05.04.87)
Fukami: Japanese Ceramics (30.03.87-05.04.87)
Kylliki Salmenhaara (14.04.87-15.06.87)
Functional Glamour (16.07.87-16.08.87)
Household furniture in Belgium Between the two World Wars (16.07.87-11.10.87)
Glass from 1900 till today, a selection from the museum's collection (17.10.87-15.11.87)
Zsolnay Ceramics (26.11.87-21.02.88)
Young Architects in Belgium (11.12.87-28.02.88)
Art and Carpets (26.03.88-29.05.88)
Legacy N.F. Havermans - silver - part 1 (14.07.88-30.10.88)
Provincial Prize for Artistic Crafts 1988: ceramics (11.11.88-04.12.88)
Young Interior Designers (16.12.88-19.02.89)
Luk De Blok: ceramics (28.01.89-05.03.89)
Desegni di Design - Alchimia (18.03.89-28.03.89)
Five Swedish Ceramists (18.03.89-28.05.89)
Made in Holland (29.06.89-08.10.89)
Lead Light (29.06.89-08.10.89)
Architectural Ideas (14.12'89-26.02.90)
New Furniture Design in Belgium (14.12.89-26.02.90)
Memphis (08.04.90-20.05.90)
Pieter De Bruyne (08.04.90-20.05.90)
Stems of Fold, Flowers of Silk (23.06.90-14.10.90)
Legacy Havermans, silver part II (23.06.90-14.10.90)
Café Noir (23.06.90-14.10.90)
Fire (23.06.90-14.10.90)
Ploughing Fabrics (23.06.90-14.10.90)
Alessie: not in production - next to production (18.10.90-09.12.90)
22 Contemporary Carpets from Italy (27.10.90-09.12.90)
Treasure Island (14.12.90-17.02.91)
Contemporary Jewellery (14.12.90-17.02.91)
Young Architects in Flanders (14.12.90-17.02.91)
Glass Sculptures by S. Libensky & J. Brychtova (Centre for Art and Culture, 24.02.91-07.04.91)
Kintiti (African Sculpture and Decorative Art (28.03.90-12.05.91)
Dynamic Plastics - from bakelite to high plast (29.03.91-26.05.91)
Contemporary Dutch Ceramics (29.03.91-26.05.91)
Provincial Prize for Artistic Crafts '91: juwellery (29.03.91-26.05.91)
Legacy N.F. Havermans: part III: glass and ceramics (10.07.91-06.10.91)
Van Papier, B. Lambrechts, J. Decoster, L. Dolphijn, G. 't Hart, B. Matthysen (19.09.91-20.10.91)
Contemporary Glass, Venini, Val St. Lambert, Van Ginnike (08.11.91-31.12.91)
Innovations in Silver - International high points in silversmithery 1880-1940 (26.05.92-27.07.92)
100% Make-up: 100 Vases by Alessi (26.05.92-28.02.93)
Frank Steyaert: ceramics "Homages" (26.05.92-28.02.93)
Glass from Finland, from modern times till today (08.09.92-15.11.92)
Glass by David Palperer (08.09.92-15.11.92)
Rough but Cordial - German avant-garde furniture (04.12.92-28.02.93)
Design and Environment (04.12.92-28.02.93)
Silver in Movement (12.03.93-18.04.93)
Japanese ceramics (12.03.93-18.04.93)
Decorative Arts from Malaysia (12.03.93-18.04.93)
Henry van de Velde: a European artist of his time (04.05.93-18.04.93)
Artistic weaving: 20 years of the H. Story Textile Institute (15.08.93-15.09.93)
Silver from Mexico: Europalia '93 (27.09.93-12.12.93)
Contemporary Glass from the museum's collections (22.12.93-13.02.94)
Art is life: motor helmets-international (24.02.94-10.04.94)
Jan van der Vaart & Johan van Loon: ceramics (24.02.94-10.04.94)
Emiel Veranneman (06.05.94-11.09.94)
Furniture from France 04.10.94-11.12.94, Forêt-meubles imaginaires (04.10.94-11.12.94)
Art-Net-Work - dimensions in lines - interlacing (04.10.94-11.12.94)
Glass by Floris Meydam (04.10.94-11.12.94)
Printed Decors on Maastricht Pottery (04.10.94-11.12.94)
Au clair de la lune - glass and silver in dialogue (11.02.95-12.03.95)
Chris van der Hoef - new art and art deco (11.02.95-12.03.95)
Contemporary Japanese Jewellery (24.03.95-07.05.95)
Allan Wexler (USA) - structures for reflection (24.03.95-07.05.95)
KUSHI - Japanese lacquered combs (24.03.95-07.05.95)
Made in Holland - Dutch design (23.05.95-17.09.95)
Ghent meets Berlin: hand-tufted carpets by Belgian and German artists (23.09.95-04.11.95)
Triennial for Design in Flanders (30.11.95-03.03.96).

Clio D'Huyvetter & Johan Valcke