Zuper.com toys
These are small HTML experiments that were shown on the homepage of zuper.com. Usually they are the result of some research I was doing at the time.
  • Summer 1996 - Fall 1997: rollerDraw
    An experiment with image source changes to simulate drawing. Netscape 3.
  • Winter 1997 - 1998: cursorMan
    DHTML addition to rollerDraw. Netscape 4.
  • Spring 1998: colorShift
    Event tracking in DHTML. Netscape 4.
  • Spring 1998: dragMirror
    The base concept for the DHTML animation utility I'm working on. Netscape 4.
  • Spring 1998: I'm using your body for my pleasure
    The website as an entity that has fun with the user. Looking for a simple way to simulate a 3D effect. Director.
  • Spring 1998: lezinkje
    Someone thinks I'm very rich...