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The revolutionary Riverland Internet-TV solution
Now every cable-TV connection can be an Internet-connection!
The challenge: how can we grow the Internet population beyond the eclectic group of experienced PC-users? Most households do not have a PC that is ready to use on the Internet. On the other hand 96% of all households in The Netherlands do have a cable-TV connection.

The technical issue: cable-networks have a large bandwith and are perfect for the transfer of data. However, no digital interface has been developed for standard PC's until very recently. In the past few months a few dozen PC-users have the possibility of accessing the Internet through a so called 'cable-modem'. Which is in fact is nothing else than a digital interface to the analog cable-TV network.

This solution enables PC-users to surf the Web, but it does not grow the number of possible Internet users, because it is still restricted to those who own a computer. Currently there are no TV-sets available that have the digital intelligence to be able to run a browser process.

The Riverland solution: Riverland Consultants created a solution for TV-owners to gain access to the Internet. This will grow the Internet community immensely. Now every cable-TV connection can be an Internet-connection!

Riverland achieved to move the browser process to the central location of the cable network company where a special protocol transfers the image of the browser process (the user interface) to every cable-TV connection that is capable of receiving the digital signal. For any user all that needs to be done is install a small 'set-top' box that contains an interface similar to the so-called cable-modem. This device also offers connectors for a mouse and a keyboard. These connectors could very well operate thr╠ough an infrared signal, which eliminates the use of any cables.