We started this website in October 1995 as part of the third Doors of Perception conference. We published the Doors 3 programme in advance and, most importantly, allowed 12 professional design workshops to begin work online, before they came to Amsterdam in person, using our Dutch-made Futplex shareware. The results of that combination of real-plus-virtual activity are at.

When Doors 3 ended, we wondered how best to develop this online environment as a shared brain connecting the Institute to its partners around the world. We are still exploring that process. But we have made a strategic decision to use the web in support of all our projects. These are listed and described elsewhere.

As any of you involved with a website will know, setting up the editorial, design and production processes needed to support a regular flow of new content through a site involves far more work than meets the eye. In our case, five or six people are heavily involved - and we could use many more rather easily.

But, in true Dutch style, we are resolved to make haste slowly. We have to make sure all the Institute's projects are planned with the website in mind as one of their main communication mediums, and this re-structuring will take time.

We've only just started, but do please comment on the content, the design, the processes and the 'feel' of the site. We'll prepare a more detailed history of the project later in the year.

But for now, this medium only makes sense if it responds to your needs - so do please tell us what they are.

John Thackara and Kristi van Riet
Amsterdam, March 1996