[ updated: 4 March 1996 ]

About VanRiet consulting, Amsterdam


This website is designed by VanRiet consulting in very close collaboration with the design Institute editorial team.
VanRiet consulting was founded in July 1995 by Kristi van Riet who left Mediamatic Interactive publishing after six years of producing/designing different media projects: books, cdroms (DopRom) and websites.
The core of VanRiet consulting consists of 6 people:


Jim Boekbinder (Project Manager/Final Editor)
Paul Jongsma (programmer/sysop)
Chris Remie (Designer)
Kristi van Riet (Director/Art Director)
MichaŽl Samyn (Designer)
Debra Solomon (Junior Designer)

The visual design of this site stemmed from the creative brain of Michael Samyn that never ceases to surprise (even himself)!


Aside from designing the Netherlands Design Institute website, VanRiet consulting has been asigned to design the Dutch paviljon for the Internet World Expo, a site that will be launched April 1 1996. Other projects are:

- Mediamatic web site (by Chris Remie, Peter van den Hoogen, Willem Velthoven and Kristi van Riet)
- designing the European Design Prize website (By Debra Solomon and Kristi van Riet)
- together with John Thackara, Kristi van Riet curently is writing a book about WWW-design aimed at media professionals and designers. This book is going to be published at the end of 1996 by Bis Publishers, Thames and Hudson (UK) and Bangert Verlag (Germany).