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This site is structured according to the way the Design Institute operates. The main index page includes links to every main section.
The most important sections on this sites are ACTIVITIES and NEWS.
Activities leads to an ACTIVITIES index with three main sections 4D, 3D and 2D, and includes some links to more or less external activities. 2D is about two dimensional design (graphic design), 3D is about three dimensional design (industrial/object design) and 4D is about four dimensional design (new media).
From there you can reach the most important parts of the Design Institute website.

We have tried to keep the structure of the site as 'horizontal' as possible, but some hierarchy could not be avoided if we were to mirror the Institute's activities as closely as possible.

You can always return to the main index by clicking on the NETHERLANDS DESIGN INSTITUTE 'logo' on the left.
The hierarchy is represented by adding logo's to the left border (and changing the background image) as you go deeper into the site. The logo at the utter left represents the topmost level, while the logo on the right represents where you are at that moment. To navigate click the logo's.

Some parts of this site were made before this interface was conceived of. As a result these parts do not follow the logic of the interface. We apologize for this inconvenience and suggest the use of your browser's history system (and BACK button).
The Dome part for example is the biggest part of the previous design, we've decided not to adjust every part of this, but get on with the future...