Wirefire is a multimedia love-machine and performance project first produced for the Absolut Los Angelos Art Biennal in 1999. It was made in collaboration with Auriea Harvey from Entropy8. In fact my collaboration with her is the very proof of how big a role the net plays in my life. She was in New York and I was in Belgium and we met in a video conferencing session with other hell.com members. As a result we made several projects together and fell in love. I left my wife and children for her and she came to Belgium to live with me in Gent.
Wirefire was born out of our frustration with the expressive limitations with current chat programs. Two performers interact with each other through the browser and compositions of animation and sound are created. Everybody on the internet can witness these multimedia conversations every Thursday night.
While now the engine only supports interaction and chat between two performers, in the next version there will be interactivity between the performers and the audience as well.
We also hope to develop this engine and make it available as a tool for anyone wanting to enhance their online communication and expression and emotion and collaboration.

Hardware: Intel P200 based clone, Intel 2xP400 based Dell workstation, Apple G3 laptop, Powercomputing Macintosh clone, cable modem net connection
Software: Windows95, Windows NT, MacOS, Photoshop, Flash, PFE ascii editor, Notetab Pro ascii editor
Technologies: HTML, Flash, Javascript, Perl, Swift Generator
URL: http://www.entropyzuper.org/wirefire