Storm of the century
Commissioned by the US TV Channel ABC to accompany a mini TV series based on a script by Stephen King, the Storm of the Century website was an important creation for me. The comission was very special because the client specifically wanted me to design an emotional experience, not a cute interface for their content. For me this was the beginning of a new era. Finally clients were beginning to understand what this medium can be.
Needless to say, it took an enormous amount of work to make this thing. And of course several versions and compromises, because, after all, the client was a very commercial corporation and this was about primetime television in America.
But I am very glad with the result. My client, Kris Soumas at ABC, really pushed me to go further and deeper, exploring the possiblities the medium offered (or not...) to make a site have a deep emotional impact. The Stephen King story was perfectly suited for making a very dramatic environment.
This is also my very first linear site. Yes, it took me quite a while to discover, or re-discover the values of linearity.

Hardware: Intel P200 based clone, Macintosh Performa 5200, 28.8K modem
Software: Windows95, Photoshop, Apple Video Player, Flash, PFE ascii editor
Technologies: HTML, Dynamic HTML, Event capturing, CSS, Flash, Javascript, Frames