Quattro company presentation
The Brussels advertising agency Quattro/DMB&B needed an interactive presentation to put an a CD Rom published by PUB, the advertising magazine. Also they wanted to connect this presentation to a way of doing in house presentations for their clients. The movie tells the history of the agency and demonstrates their philosophy. Quattro let a lot of the content be decided on by me. Which I think is smart.
Quattro means four and was chosen as a name for the company because they started out with four people. So the number 4 recurs often in the movie.
The movie's interface is one of the only things I have made with object based programming.
The presentation module allowed the people at Quattro to make a simple text based presentation within the environment of the funky movie.

Hardware: Intel P75 based clone PC, Intel P200 based HP, Apple Macintosh Performa 5200
Software: Windows95, Director, Photostyler
Technologies: Director, Lingo
URL: http://www.zuper.com/portfolio/ zx5/shockwave/quattro.html