Being a web designer for me is not just a job. It is a life. My website is an extension of my body, an extra organ, an extra sense. Therefore it is not a simple thing to present my design work. Design, art and life merge in Zuper! One thing does not exist without the other or without influencing the other. is an ongoing 24/24 live performance. No database is ever full, no website ever finished. On line means live. If you are not somebody to whom the net is an essential part of your life, I do not expect you to understand.

So the following design milestones cannot be seen as seperated from the other 'non-design' projects I do or did. Group Z Belgium, FFF, The Posi-Web, Heaven & Hell,, Entropy8zuper!, The Beanzine, The Blossoming, The Websinger, the Form Art piece, MegaZuper!, I am here, Marcel and Martha's birth cards, and of course Zuper! itself are equally important to my career as a designer, even though they are not design projects per se. Neither neglectible is the social aspect of my e-mail discussions, video conferencing, surfing, etc.
Designing for hypermedia at this early stage of technological development is not simply a matter of giving something a pretty shape. In fact the hypermedia designer is a content expert. He or she knows what is or what is not interesting or relevant on a computer monitor. Therefore designing for hypermedia is much more similar to making art than to designing a chair.

Keep in mind that interaction design, interface design, web design is not graphic design. Designing hypermedia environments is more similar to making computer programs than to designing a poster or a book. The graphics are just the top layer of a complex sytem of which each part needs to be designed. What happens when the user moves the cursor is an equally important part of the design as how some button should look. Therefore it is not wise to judge hypermedia applications by looking at screenshots. Some of the ugliest web sites can be the most interesting to experience. I admit that I have chosen to highlight projects here that do look good on paper.

Zuper! design milestones