This site was made while I was art director Riverland, a networking company in Zaventem, Belgium. The client was the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. Digitaalbrussel was mainly meant as a tool for the different governmental organisations in Brussels who needed access to a lot of data quickly, so they could help people with questions. It contains information about when to put out the trash, where the libraries are, when the museums are open, etc. Very basic and very useful.
Digitaalbrussel is a milestone in my career because it was the first big information site I designed an interface for. I used borderless frames to create a way of interacting with the large ammount of content the site offered without getting lost. The frameset remained present at all times which made it easy to visit other parts of the site. There were two navigation levels: a main one on the left and a subnavigation level on the right. The design was very much a compromise between what I wanted and what was decided at all the meetings these government people have. Still, for a fat website, it looked and felt (and sounded) kindof cool.

Hardware: Intel P75 based clone PC, Intel P200 based HP, Apple Macintosh Performa 5200, 14K4 modem, 128K leased line
Software: Windows95, Photostyler, Apple Video Player
Technologies: HTML, Javascript, Frames, Java
URL: http://www.zuper.com/portfolio/digibxl