De Cultuur van de Hollandse Badplaats The Amsterdam based Van Riet Online Productions asked me to design a website for a client of theirs. The website represented a discussion/brainstorm that was going on among architects and designers about what they could do to make seaside resorts in Holland more pleasant and attractive. The interface needed to give access to the data supplied by the participants, according to the dates on which they had entered the data.
My personal main point of interest in the design of this site is the way the atmosphere of the seaside is evoked. The seaside is where the land ends, where the horizon is endless. Where all colors are pale because of the abundance of light. The sound of the sea is there and the wind is represented by a little flying corner of the trompe-l'oeil sketchbook (it was an idea of the client, btw, to have a sketchbook graphic...) Also the typical nostalgia of a seaside resort (memories of long gone beautiful holidays) is present in the site's atmosphere and the memory of the seaside culture of the previous century, when holidays were invented.
So a milestone because of emotional impact despite of the informative and utilitarian content. Also it was the first site I built that started with only two buttons. Despite the fact that my ways are often called baroque, I always try to reduce the amount of options you give the user to a minimum. This, in my opinion, helps to increase the involment of the user in the atmosphere.
As a final note, my client, Van Riet, loved the design, but their client rejected it. So it was never officially on line.

Hardware: Intel P200 based clone, Apple Macintosh Performa 5200
Software: Windows95, Photostyler, Apple Video Player, Corel Draw, ascii editor
Technologies: HTML, Flash (for the sound), Javascript, Frames, GIF animation
URL: badplaatsen/bad_index.html